Your Network is Your Prosperity


We want to thank Alice Tang for her time with the Acumen team. We were treated to her incredible workshop, “Your Network is Your Prosperity,” which she presented at our office last week.  During our two-hour session with Alice, Suzanne wrote down a number of comments that came up during our discussion about the value we bring to our network. Here are a few highlights:

  • We see and hear people
  • We go beyond an Executive Search firm – we are an advisory firm that specializes in Executive development
  • All of our actions are authentic
  • We approach our work with humility, and we learn so much from others
  • We love working with growing, changing organizations helping them transform through great leaders
  • Helping companies scale and grow is what we do by connecting amazing companies with impactful talented leaders.
  • We change people’s lives.
  • Working with strategic leaders, we build people, organizations, and communities.
  • We collaborate internally to achieve our goals and to help people.
  • Building relationships is the core of what we do
  • We get people in the right place
  • We love doing executive Recruiting and working with companies that align with our goals and values
  • Changing people’s lives is powerful – by changing the individual, we change the organization and therefore we change communities