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Great information!  “82% of respondents believe that executive recruiting will not get easier or will ‘stay about the same’…while only 18% think recruiting will be easier than last year.”  We know executive recruiting can be a big scary problem these days, but remember each hire still comes down to one organization finding one right leader that will help your organization thrive.. and we are here to help!


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  • Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid
    How do you sum up the value you bring to a potential employer in one or two pages? Your resume is the primary marketing piece of your personal brand. Ideally, this document will help you stand out as an applicant and get companies clamoring to hire you, and there is no room for error. Unfortunately, …

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  • Non-Profit CFO Finds Meaning and Mission in the For-Profit World
    The Situation Our client, a global architecture, engineering, and construction firm with a specialty in sustainability and designing “living buildings” sought a CFO who could bring fresh new ideas from outside the industry as they were growing exponentially, into new markets and innovative new services.  They were also seeking a CFO who could develop a …

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  • Acumen Welcomes Tanis Morris
    We are delighted to announce that Tanis Morris has joined Acumen as Director of Business Development. She resonates with Acumen’s mission of providing high-quality, mission-driven executive search services. She is proud to participate in the process of bringing transformative and impactful leaders to client organizations, to work for a certified Woman Owned Business with a …

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  • When Hiring is a Team Sport
    Acumen often works with hiring teams to bring in new executive leadership. Whether a Board, Commission, or Hiring Committee this process provides unique challenges and opportunities. Here are a few tips and tricks to navigate hiring when it is a team sport: Bringing in new leadership can be time-consuming, stressful… and very important. We encourage …

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  • Women’s Million Dollar Conversation
    “Every time I have taken a leap of faith in myself, it has been rewarded tenfold.” ~ Suzanne Hanifin I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Alice Tang in her Women’s Million Dollar Conversation series, where she interviews leading women to discuss their insights, experiences, and tips on how they achieved their goals to …

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  • An Afternoon Celebration
    The Acumen team had a special afternoon of acupuncture, micro-needling, and self-care to celebrate our fearless leader Suzanne Hanifin’s big day. As a small, woman-owned business we were excited to partner with Karly Bannister of Keahi Health for our event — she gets “glowing” reviews.
  • Acumen announces new EDI partnership
    Acumen is delighted to announce our partnership with Equity expert and thought leader Zhou Fang from Intersectional Group. Zhou Fang is the founder and principal equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) practitioner of Intersectional Group LLC, an EDI consulting practice with a focus on intersectionality, empathy and compassion, as well as curiosity.  Zhou is an advocate …

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  • Congratulations Karen – An Acumen Update
    Karen Anderson, my longtime friend and colleague of Acumen Executive Search, is ready to follow and focus on her dream. For the past several years, Karen has been building Navarra Gardens, a 14-acre indoor and outdoor Corporate Retreat and Event Venue – which is now an open and welcoming business. Throughout our 20+ years of friendship, Karen …

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  • Acumen Welcomes Felicia Wells-Thomas
    We are pleased to announce Felicia Wells-Thomas has joined Acumen Executive Search as a Client Manager and will be helping leading businesses find executive candidates and leaders. Interconnectedness inspires Felicia. “I want to be the concierge of the World.” Her forte is finding solutions that benefit people, organizations, and communities by aligning goals and visions. As a …

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  • FTC Proposes Ban on Worker Non-Compete Clauses
    “Around one in five American workers are now bound by a non-compete, and a significant body of research shows that non-competes reduced wages overall. They don’t just reduce wages for the workers that are directly subject to a non-compete, but they actually have a market-wide effect, which is quite striking,” stated Lina Khan, chairperson of …

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