Testimonials & Awards

We have received numerous industry awards and meaningful client testimonials.

“I highly recommend Acumen. Their attention to detail, our needs and culture are a true differentiator in the professional recruiting world. As opposed to trying to fill a position quickly, they were very thoughtful, diligent and focused on the long-term relationship. They are a crucial asset to our long term growth strategy.”

Travis D – CEO/President

Here Is What
Our Clients Have To Say

I’ve been working in Oregon for over a decade, and Suzanne Hanifin and her team at Acumen Executive Search are THE ONLY placement firm I regularly recommend to my clients and those who need help finding good people who fit the culture of their companies. Acumen gets it and they nail the assignment every time….

Patrick – President, Consultancy

He is doing great! So happy to have him on as part of the team. He’s picking things up quick, asking the right questions, and connecting with people. Great fit! Thanks for the support.

SunyaDirector of Finance, CPG

(We are) having an outstanding experience with the Director of HR you found for us so far, thank you again for supporting that hire for us.

Jered – CEO, High Tech Manufacturing

We couldn’t have done this with anyone else. From the beginning of our recruitment project, Acumen understood the nuances of the role…what we needed today and how this leader would need to be able to evolve with our long-term plans.  Acumen sourced six great candidates and the final three were given an assessment to augment our interviews and help us better understand how their strengths align with what is needed for the role. In addition, we were provided with custom interview questions for each candidate to delve into needed leadership traits, conflict resolution styles, and behavior patterns. This was an incredible support to help us make an informed decision for an important future addition to our team.

Sarah K – CHRO, Manufacturing

“[The CFO candidate] accepted! Best news ever!!! Thank you for such an amazing outcome. Bravo. We are thrilled by BOTH [Board and CFO placement] outcomes!

Simon F – Executive Director, Non-Profit

I am very much enjoying my work with [the new Executive Director]. She’s stepping beautifully into her new role.

I don’t have any feedback for you. Just a thank you.

Serena – COO, Large County Govt

Well it’s been a whirlwind couple of days but I’ve met the leadership team for DCS and I’ve been warmly welcomed.

I think I’m gonna love it here! Thanks again for finding and bringing me this opportunity!

County Deputy Director

We are really excited to work our new employee and I’d like to extend my sincere appreciation for Acumen’s support with locating such a qualified candidate.

Blaine W. – CFO & COO, Healthcare

Acumen Executive Search partnership with Multnomah County Health Department was truly exceptional, resulting in the recruitment of outstanding leaders who made a remarkable impact on the organization. Acumen demonstrated a deep understanding of the county’s unique needs and took a meticulous approach to the search process. Their commitment to tailoring their efforts ensured that only the most suitable candidates were presented. The firm’s screening and evaluation methods were rigorous and comprehensive, yielding a diverse pool of highly qualified individuals who perfectly aligned with Multnomah County’s requirements. Acumen’s attention to detail in assessing candidates’ competencies, leadership abilities, and cultural fit was highly commendable. Acumen fostered a transparent and collaborative partnership by maintaining open communication channels and providing regular updates. This allowed Multnomah County to stay well-informed throughout the process and provide valuable feedback, ensuring alignment with their expectations. The exceptional leaders brought in by Acumen had a transformative impact on Multnomah County. Their strategic thinking, visionary leadership, and exceptional management skills propelled the organization to new heights of success. Acumen Executive Search commitment to excellence, tailored approach, and ability to identify exceptional leaders has made them a great partner.

Joe B. – Interim Health HR Deputy Director, Government

Wow! Thank you so much for that great conversation! I am super charged for this opportunity and waiting for that next step.

Sinceramente, gracias por la oportunidad!

John H. – CIO

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and involvement in re-connecting me with my new organization. Your efforts were truly above and beyond. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and hope our profession paths cross in the future.

Tom B. – Behavioral Health Executive, Government

I’m excited to share that I just started a new position as Deputy Director at the Multnomah County Health Department!

This would not have happened without Molly Norton of Acumen Executive & Talent Search. Molly saw my profile on LinkedIn and sent me a message in early May, telling me about this new role as Deputy Director at the Multnomah County Health Department. Molly was with me every step of the way – from resume construction to preparation of an executive biography to interview prep. Less than a month after Molly reached out, I had a job offer and was planning my transition! I cannot be more excited about this new position as it aligns with my values and my professional goals. Her incredible outreach and work with candidates, along with her astute understanding of the needs of an organization, have made this an incredibly smooth and rewarding process.

Molly – you are top-tier professional, a kind and delightful soul, and a proven executive/HR recruiter with a long history of delivering results. Thank you so much! Today was my first day, and it was amazing! I will never forget the key role you played in my career!!! 

Valdez B. – Public Health Deputy Director, Government

This is the most amazing candidate pool I have ever seen; it gives me so much hope. We could hire any and all of them. I started feeling bad when I thought about having to tell someone ‘no’.

Ebony C. – Public Health Executive, Government

Suzanne, Michelle, and the Acumen team have been a key part in the next stage of foundation building for my company.

Rod W. – CEO, Healthcare

Thanks to Suzanne and her team on the work accomplished through the Acumen recruiting process and getting our next Business Unit Manager on board.

Dan C. – CEO

Thank you for all the help and guidance. I am truly excited for our company and our new Business Unit General Manager to join the team. And the opportunity to move the ball down the field for a win.

Ty Y. – President

I just want to say thank you. I love it at my new job. They’re great, I’m so blessed to be at this company and working with some great people and I want to thank you and Michelle. I’m just so happy right now.

Robert C. – Operations

“Logan has been one of the best hires we have ever made, he has a great attitude, is a quick learner, very self-driven, receptive, and eager to jump in.  He is assimilating very well and earning the respect of our team.

Logan gives great constructive criticism and is currently championing a new initiative of identifying tasks, that require a higher level of communication between management.

In less than 2 months since his hire, Logan has already taken over some processes including a focus on manufacturing efficiencies, and is working alongside our President, having gained his respect. 

Logan’s personality is good, even with the un-receptive team members, he is winning them over.

Logan is saving approximately 20% of the Operations Manager’s time – which translates to a great ROI.

By absorbing some of his superiors’ tasks, in communicating and training staff, which in turn saves time and money by allowing the Operations director time to focus on larger processes and projects

Logan is piece by piece addressing the undone critical tasks such as training and creating a trackable method for safety and OSHA obligations Acumen’s entire process was great, they did not waste our time, even in a difficult hiring market they presented 3 well-qualified candidates, 2 were excellent and challenging to choose from.  We will use Acumen Executive Search again for our management hires, they filled all our needs and some.”

Ron S. – Founder & President

“The CMO and COO you brought to us are doing exactly what we need them to do. They listen, and they ask the right questions. It was important to bring in expertise external to the organization because we needed different perspectives and they were able to bring best practices from other healthcare institutions on the East Coast.

The COO has hit the ground running. He’s a perfect match and knows how to bring others along. The synergy between the dyad is great and they are committed to the work. They ensure autonomy while providing guidance. They are absolutely what we need.”

Tasha D. – CEO, Healthcare

“Thanks to all for such a positive experience.”

Bill S. – Founder, IT Executive

“Thanks to you Suzanne and Molly for your expert help in recruiting for this position.  You presented a number of highly-qualified candidates.

We appreciate the successful work you have done for us.”

Tim S. – CEO, IT Executive

“This is the first time I’ve worked with an Executive Search Firm, and I was very impressed by the high level of professionalism and communication infused in the process. Molly and Suzanne also provided ideas, coaching, and advocacy to help me present my unique value proposition every step of the way and address any gaps that were surfaced throughout the process. They also are well-versed in equity frameworks beyond just hiring for diversity. I would be happy to recommend them to any organization seeking their next executive / CEO.”

Megan L.– CEO, Quasi-Government/Public Sector

“Working with Molly and Suzanne was awesome. They were spot on with the information they provided and the follow-up. They are pleasant, not overly communicative, and the process flowed along smoothly. They deeply understood what their client was looking for and why. They provided quite an accurate and fair representation of the company, especially considering the distributed nature of the teams and stakeholders globally.”

“Molly engaged me and made the correct assessment that I would thrive in this new structure. You both went to bat for me and negotiations went smoothly – went from A to Z without hesitation.”

“The team I joined is fantastic and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity. My manager and I get along really well. Everyone on the Senior Leadership team has expressed how happy they are that I’m on board. They love my deep expertise in this space and history with Nike. We all speak the same language and run in the same circles – we truly are a family.” “The fact that I was raised at Nike for so long and also an approved vendor is enormously helpful to the mission they want to accomplish. I’ve been able to plug and play into various teams, product lines, and geographies and am excited about all the ways I can add value and am already pulling together a global team to push a few initiatives forward. It really has been an ideal fit.”

Mark S.– Global Sales and Engineering Executive, Consumer Goods

“Thank you so much for the professionalism, creative thinking, and hard work.  Your efforts really paid off.  We’re truly excited to have Cobi takeover for Nita in a couple of weeks.  She really is the one person who can take Nita’s legacy to the next level.  We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Cam– Principal, Non-Profit

“Thank you again for bringing Elizabeth (the new Executive Director) to lead our team. We are thrilled with how everything is working out.”

Rebecca– Director, Non-Profit

“I spoke with Mike F this morning and he’s happy as a clam. He’s so impressed with the team and the work they are doing and is seeing projects coming to fruition. He is thrilled and says, “I’ve never worked in an environment like this.

He loves the president’s leadership and the close-knit team, and he’s already made an impact by successfully applying for and being approved on nearly $400K worth of PPP forgiveness to cover salaries. So, he’s already a hero.”

Molly N. – Acumen Sr Talent Director

“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with you these last couple of months and I hope we can have an ongoing friendship, professional or otherwise. I hope we can stay in touch here and there. You are the best recruiter I’ve worked with thus far in my career and I’ve come in contact with a lot, and it’s no contest.

Thanks again, Molly. I wouldn’t have been able to land this gig without you.”

Jeff B. – Sr Software Lead

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Molly and Suzanne at Acumen on the search of my next venture. Both were amazing to work with and definitely one of the very best recruiters in town. What makes Molly and Suzanne so exceptional is their deep understanding of the market & industry, their ability to synthesize information, and their ability to recognize what’s most important to the company, hiring executives and candidates. Both Molly and Suzanne hold a long-term view of the world. They invest in building relationships and listen to better serve their clients. They are gifted at reading people and identifying the right fit. There is always a lot of unknowns in a search on both sides, they work hard to fill the gaps and offer unconventional wisdom and insights to guide me through the decision-making process. I always felt they both had my best interests at heart. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with these two amazing ladies and I look forward to working with them again and again in the future.”

Mark T. – Executive Director

“Big thanks to all of you at Acumen. You put several great candidates in front of us in short order and I feel great about where we landed.

Tom W. – President & CEO

“Working with Suzanne & Molly was an absolute delight! I was approached by Acumen in regards to an employer that had several misses in their own attempts to fill a particular position. They were very wary of another bad fit and were depending on Acumen to deliver. I already had a stable position with a current employer and wasn’t immediately looking to make a move. Molly did a great job of explaining the background of the employer, and the desired traits of the candidate they were looking for. Based on her description, and the excitement about the job and the company she helped to create, we went forward into the interview process. It went for a longer period than anyone expected. Molly & Suzanne showed amazing amounts of patience and professionalism with both the employer and with me during the whole journey.

They were honest and transparent with me and balanced that fine line of being an advocate for the employer, and for me as the job candidate. It was clear to me the “win” they wanted for more us than for themselves. Acumen was delightfully atypical in many ways, and exemplified what the recruiting process should be. I could not recommend them enough!”

Noah S. – Software Executive

“I want to thank you both (Amanda and Suzanne) for such a great process. It’s so incredibly nice to work with people who truly care and are seeking the best fit for all parties involved. You guys are rock stars!!!”

Sarah P – Executive Director

“How long do you have? Because I have an endless stream of positive things to gush about working with Acumen. AND, I feel like this important to say, I was pretty against the idea of using a staffing firm in the beginning. I felt like there was no way a team that didn’t interact with ours on a daily basis would be able to zoom in on our particular personal and cultural needs, and I wasn’t so sure they would find anything I couldn’t just find on my own with enough diligence. I also had a preconception that staffing agencies were all kind of smarmy and desperate, because of the spammy emails I regularly receive from other agencies.

Let me tell you, I have changed my tune. We worked with Molly and Suzanne, and from the very first meeting, I found myself trusting and believing that they would have the skills and connections to lead us to candidates who would not only match the needs of our team but would help us raise our tide. The amount of depth around fit and culture they presented to me when introducing candidates on paper was monumentally helpful, and having them take a deep dive into references saved me so much time. Not only do they do things incredibly well, they helped us iteratively zoom in on what it was we actually needed, not what we thought we wanted, which has helped us to avoid a lot of pain down the road.

Not only did I love their process, but I am genuinely so impressed with the integrity, flexibility, and empathy of Acumen. They really walk the path they sold us on, and we’re all (even our more skeptical technical leaders) so pleased with our experience. Thank you, Molly and Suzanne, for all you have done and continue to do for us.”

Brandi C – VP HR & Operations, Software

“We are super excited – not only to land the CFO we so desperately need but to land such a quality individual.”

Kari M – CEO, Consultancy

“I want to let you know what a great job you’ve been doing and it’s really awesome working with you so far. We have some candidates we are really excited about and your approach and responsiveness really has been a pleasure to work with. Thank you!”

Luke B – CEO Software and Professional Services

“My experience with Acumen Executive Search was top notch. They took the time to get to know me and advised on specific research as I considered a new arena. Starting from the same belief – Cultural fit drives success – we agreed that I had the skills and began focusing on my internal passion for the work. Acumen’s thoughtful approach ultimately helped me decide not to pursue the opportunity and now we have a relationship that will serve to fully meet the desires of a future client. Truly a partnership where everyone wins!”

Tony – CEO

“Every organization is as strong as the people it employs. Human Resources professionals play an important role in terms of coming up with the right people for key positions to support an organization’s strategies. After having worked with Acumen on the PNDC President & CEO job search (my current position), I have so much appreciation for the hard work that they do. They have garnered my trust and respect.

Acumen Executive Search had the ability to understand PNDC’s strategic focus and identify the high-level areas of focus that would drive success. They got the vision that provided an indication of where the organization was heading and understood the people resources needed to help it get there. As a candidate for the position, they were also unfailingly honest about the challenges and opportunities. They found me, talked me into applying, gave me as much information as they could, and kept me informed every step along the way. And the relationship did not end with filing the job. They have continually been there for me when I had questions, or wanted consultants in specific areas of expertise. They have provided introductions to other high level executives, and have been there when I needed to vent and/or celebrate! Acumen is in a class of their own and Karen and Suzanne are the best!!”

Sarah G – President & CEO

“I have worked with many placement firms both as an HR professional and also as a job seeker for more years than I want to admit these days. In working with them, I have developed a deep appreciation for the challenging work that they perform for client organizations and for individuals. When done well, the results are often transformative for individuals and organizations.

Unfortunately, not all recruiters and placement firms perform the work to the same degree, with some even cutting corners just to complete engagements. My experience in working with you during the recruiting was anything but that, as you were both professional, informative, kind, empathetic and extremely helpful from first contact call from Molly, through Suzanne sitting with us as we worked our way through the first day interview process, to the debriefing call that I received from Molly afterwards.

I am very appreciative of your efforts and the fact that you also treated me and my fellow candidates in a fully fair and supportive way that showed just how much you care about the people whose lives you touch. Thank you for that and keep doing the wonderful work that you do!”

Anthony C

“Dear Molly and Suzanne, I want to thank you both for helping to connect me to this wonderful opportunity. I have greatly appreciated your guidance throughout the process. The talented individuals I interacted with makes me very excited about the possibilities and I truly believe I would be able to help the organization move towards the outcomes that were discussed. ¡Un mil gracias!”

Alana H – Executive Director, Government

“Both Karen and Molly were exceptional at follow up and maintaining frequent communication both with myself and the employer throughout the interview process. With drive and energy, they navigated flawlessly through the rapids of international employment with ease, getting us both to the destination with a positive outcome. I am now very happy to be in a job I really enjoy, thanks to the skills of the team at Acumen!

If you want a recruitment firm that goes way beyond simply connecting people, then I would highly recommend this team.”

Nigel H – Global VP of Customer Experience, Biotechnology

“I appreciate your efforts and want to let you know you are rock-stars recruiters. You go up and above and do a fantastic job for your clients and professional staff you are placing. You have a great reputation in the market, that is why you are able to recruit and work with super people.”

Jeff E – CFO

“Acumen worked with us to fill a new strategic position for our company. It was a critical role that needed to generate immediate value while seeing a vision of the growth and scalability of that part of the company. Acumen listened to what we needed and nailed it with a candidate that could take the vision and run while fitting right into our company’s culture.”

Mike D – Sr. VP Sales

“I have worked with many executive recruiters throughout my career and have found the experience with Acumen to be exceptional. They were quick to follow through with all actions and (proved to be a) solid intermediary between the employer and me (the candidate).”

Mike S – Director of Business Development

“I very much enjoyed meeting and working with Acumen. The experience was a pleasure and everything went smoothly and quickly. I would definitely use Acumen again for any future employee searches.”

Mary M – SVP, Administration and Services

“Suzanne and the staff at Acumen are a delight to work with. I am impressed with their ability to ask the right questions in order to gain a thorough understanding of a position, company culture and candidates. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Mark H – Chief Executive Officer

“I have crossed paths with Acumen in several business situations and I continue to be impressed every time. I have had a front-row seat watching Suzanne and the colleagues at Acumen get to know our needs to a depth seldom seen in business. Add that to Suzanne’s intuitive understanding of people and their business requirement, and you have an amazing talent for matching qualified people to a culture that is incredibly powerful in boosting retention, engagement and productivity. For my executive search needs, I would not consider anyone else.”

Doug L – President

“Acumen made the process so easy. It was a pleasure to work with Acumen’s team. I will always recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great employee.”

Jerry V – Chief Operations Officer

“Not only have I used Suzanne for my top placements but we also sit on a board together. In my past I have worked for a large staffing service and have a relatively good understanding of her industry. Literally, I have not seen anyone that loves their job more than Acumen. Their level of enthusiasm rubs off on all in their presence. Acumen is the authority, has the expertise and understanding of what it takes to be successful in her industry. They could lead seminars on how to be the world greatest recruiters. Acumen is a fabulous boutique for executive/professional search… you are in good hands as they say with Acumen!”

Donna R – Chief Executive Officer

“Acumen was great. I had several recruiters out there working for me but Acumen stood out from all the rest. Their focus was not in landing me a job just anywhere but to find me a place to work that I would love. Even after I started the position that they found me, Acumen continues to follow-up to make sure everything is as expected.”

Jacob S – Director of Finance

“I have solicited Acumen to source a number of management and executive hires. I found their team of recruiting professionals to be highly responsive and professional with proven results. The Acumen team takes personal pride in accomplishment, both for the candidates and the company. That drive and sense of quality will complement the business of whomever they work.”

Kris K – Senior VP

“Acumen is a top-shelf recruiting firm that has earned a 92% retention rate. Suzanne and Acumen’s enthusiasm is contagious! Acumen personally encourages my organization to wait for the right fit and they are always right. Acumen is proven in leadership and is a great resource for us, and numerous other companies, consistently adding value. Acumen gets my #1 highest recommendation.”

Lynn H – Chief Executive Officer

“I have never worked with a group as thorough, efficient and professional as Acumen. We have used Acumen’s services several times since (the first search) and would not think about approaching a new hire without their stamp of approval. I have also proudly referred Acumen to my clients and their team has become one of my trusted partners in business.”

Tracy V – Principal

“I have worked with other recruiters who placed, or attempted to place me in positions while treating me like I was a cold product to be sold to an employer. Not so with Acumen. They made me feel like I was important in the process and focused not only my skill set, but my personality fit with the employer.”

Mike H – COO/CFO

“I want you to know that I appreciate all your efforts and that Acumen are rock stars among recruiters. You go up and above and do a fantastic job for your clients and professional staff you are placing. You have a great reputation in the market.”

Yousef A – Chief Financial Officer

“Thank you for your professionalism and follow through. You are most definitely an asset to the recruiting field.”

Todd W – Sr. VP Sales, Software

“It has been a great experience working with Suzanne. I have worked with multiple recruiters and no one has ever worked so hard or cared so much about helping me to find the right position.”

Brian A – Senior Financial Director

“Suzanne and the staff at Acumen are a delight to work with. I am impressed with their ability to ask the right questions in order to gain a thorough understanding of a position, company culture and candidates. I can’t recommend them enough!”

Chuck T – CEO/President

“The ladies at Acumen are honest, up front and caring professionals. They really care about you as a person and the success of your business. I found them to be attentive and insightful as I spoke about my business needs. I would highly recommend Acumen for all of your recruiting needs. Acumen has the ability to read people and will find the perfect candidate for you need. You will enjoy working with them!”

Daniel M – CEO/President