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The Most Valuable Real Estate You Will Ever Own Are The Pages Of Your Resume

Our Career
Support Services:

  • Targeting Strategy​
  • Resume & Career Strategy ​
  • Career Coaching​
  • LinkedIn Profile and Personal Brand Building ​
  • Customized Cover Letters​
  • Personalized Thank You Letters ​
  • Interview Coaching​
  • Negotiations ​

Acumen is an executive search firm with more than 40 years of expertise in matching people to organizations.  We know that successful executive recruiting (for the hiring firm) and successful job search (for the candidate) require precise matching of the two critical components – culture and talent. ​

As experienced Executive Recruiters we have a highly evolved set of skills that have proven themselves in preparing and matching candidates for leadership executive positions. For the firm, we are the executive team architects, for the candidate we are the career strategists. The results – success for both.​

We’ve had the honor of supporting executives from some of the world’s best-known Fortune 100’s to founders of innovative, venture-backed startups, to family-owned businesses, across multiple industries. ​

Even the best athletes have coaches that bring them to the peak of their game. Call Acumen for yours. ​

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