How to Thrive in a Time of Video Interviews


By Molly Norton


To all of our Valued Clients, Candidates, and Community Partners,

While COVID-19 has brought all of us a great amount of uncertainty, it has also allowed us opportunities to thoughtfully plan and prepare to push forward towards imminently better days.

Our motto since we started Acumen has always been “We listen…We care…We deliver.” We continue to listen deeply, even more so than ever before and we continue to truly care for our clients, candidates, and community as we navigate this uncertainty together.

What is your organization doing to adjust to today’s challenges? Acumen has always had an effective, flexible, remote-work model in place and will continue ensuring the safety not only of our team, but the safety of our clients and candidates through virtual meetings and interviews. So, it’s a great time to level up those video-interviewing skills.

Here are a couple resources to help get you started navigating this virtual world of interviewing.

The first link is a free guide that provides a range of solid tactical tips: (FREE)

If you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium, Jenny Foss, who is a celebrated local LinkedIn Learning Author and Founder of Job Jenny, has a LinkedIn Learning Online Course that is helpful for anyone who is about to embark on video interviewing, on both sides of the table. Note that this course is included free with LinkedIn Premium.

In this series of enjoyable short-courses, Jenny suggests asking your recruiting team to help you prepare (that’s our job!). Some good questions to ask about a video interview include:

  • How many people will be on the call?
  • What’s the hiring team going to be looking for?
  • Do you have some prep materials to share?
  • For a one-way interview – ask if questions can be reviewed in advance, if available
  • How do I handle a technical snag? Is there a backup plan?

As with any interview situation, Jenny (and we) recommend:

  • Do your homework – study up on who you will be interviewing with – LinkedIn provides a treasure trove of information.
  • Do some online sleuthing to see what’s going on with the company and the industry.
  • Dig into their products or the services they offer.
  • Get an idea as to their culture by reading blogs and social media accounts, which will also help determine if you have good cultural alignment with the organization.
  • This due diligence will hopefully lead to a list of thoughtful, insightful questions that you can have in front of you during the interview to show how thoroughly you’ve prepared – and because you are interviewing the organization too.

We wish you good health and we look forward to connecting with you — virtually and emotionally.