What a Human Resources Partner Can Do for a Company

Human Resource


When a long-time manufacturing client sought Acumen’s expertise to hire a Human Resource leader, little did they know that their needs were far greater. The company had been experiencing rapid growth and was struggling with filling positions, high rates of tardiness and absenteeism, bad hires, and supervisors who needed development. They had few formal processes in place and were concerned about compliance with regulations. The company required a subject matter expert to establish robust human resource processes to support its growth.


After a careful search, the company hired Patti as Human Resources Director, whose strategic insights and proactive approach have not only shaped the organization but also earned her a place as a trusted advisor to the ownership and leadership team. In just seven months, Patti has orchestrated substantial improvements.

Recognizing the need for a strong HR foundation, Patti has assembled a dynamic HR team comprising a generalist and an assistant. This strategic move bolstered the company’s ability to address various HR needs efficiently. Patti’s visionary leadership has transformed the HR department from a mere administrative function into a strategic partner that fosters talent, maintains compliance, and promotes employee satisfaction.

She played a pivotal role in the company’s expansion to a second location in Salem. Her expertise in talent acquisition, onboarding, and organizational development ensured a smooth and successful transition, setting the stage for the company’s continued growth and success.

One of Patti’s most significant achievements was eliminating the reliance on costly temporary workers. She achieved this by implementing a comprehensive retention strategy and adopting a selective hiring approach. To ensure a suitable fit, Patti provided training to hiring supervisors, equipping them with the skills to conduct effective interviews and identify candidates who align with the company’s culture and values. The positive impact on the company’s bottom line demonstrates Patti’s ability to make data-driven decisions and her unwavering commitment to enhancing organizational efficiency.

Addressing attendance and tardiness issues was another challenge that Patti effectively tackled. By clearly communicating acceptable standards, educating employees about the company’s objectives, and establishing accountability measures for supervisors and managers, Patti succeeded in transforming the company’s attendance culture. She also linked the annual bonus to the attendance program, further incentivizing employees to uphold the company’s values and goals.

Recognizing the importance of nurturing a harmonious workplace, Patti implemented coaching programs for supervisors and managers to enhance their conflict resolution and communication skills. By equipping leadership with the tools to navigate difficult conversations, she has cultivated a more cohesive and productive work environment, leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

With her sights set on continuous improvement, Patti envisions accomplishing even more in the coming year. Her forthcoming initiatives include creating a comprehensive employee handbook that will serve as a valuable resource for all staff. Additionally, she plans to establish structured career development paths, providing employees with opportunities for growth through computer training, tuition reimbursement, and English as a second language classes. By investing in employee development, Patti aims to nurture a motivated and skilled workforce that propels the company to greater heights.

Patti’s role as Human Resources Director has exceeded expectations, driving transformative change within the manufacturing company. Her strategic vision, relentless pursuit of excellence, and commitment to fostering a positive work culture have led to significant improvements in talent management, workforce efficiency, and overall company performance. As a true partner to the ownership and leadership team, Patti continues to pave the way for the company’s success, ensuring a thriving future built on the foundation of a well-managed and empowered workforce.

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