Charles Swatzell

Ep4 Podcast Charles Swatzell Hiring for Good

As an English major, I loved studying critical theory. Wolfgang Iser’s “Reader Response Theory” was my favorite approach to eliciting meaning from a text. In RRR, Iser suggests that the meaning of any work is unique to the reader, as each person brings to it their own understanding and repertoire of experiences. The best readers engage with a text and through the process of exploring its meaning, their understanding grows, allowing them to bring an expanded repertoire to the next text they read.

This approach is foundational to the way I live my life. Every person I meet, every experience I have, and every opportunity that comes my way presents the chance to grow, learn, and elevate. Bringing this mindset to my life, both personally and professionally enables me to consistently try and be a better version of myself, and it helps me recognize the amazing people who come into my life as the gifts they are.

Charles Swatzell is one of those gifts. From our first meeting, his intelligence and wit were readily apparent. Charles’s intellectual agility and creativity pair beautifully with his drive for success, his strategic gifts, and his desire to uplift and empower others. I am proud to call him a friend and couldn’t be more excited about having him as a guest on Hiring For Good.

My original idea for the podcast was to share important conversations with leaders and use those conversations as a marketing tool for Acumen. It was during the podcast recording session with Charles that I became aware of how fortunate I was to be engaging in this work, independent of those goals. While listening to him speak, I almost had an out-of-body experience, one in which I could feel my understanding expand as he shared his thoughts and ideas on leadership. It was a humbling day for me, as I realized how tremendously lucky I am to share these conversations and simultaneously grow from them on a personal level. My hope is that each listener will be similarly enriched, their repertoire broadened, and their mindset expanded with new insights through each episode they hear. I know Iser did not envision podcasts as a dominant method of sharing information during his lifetime, but I believe he would be proud of the audience members who listen with the intention to learn and grow.

Thank you Charles for a fantastic experience and wonderful, engaging discussion!  I encourage anyone who hasn’t heard this conversation to listen when they have the chance!

By: Tanis Morris