Attracting Great Talent: Podcast with Tracy Vicario

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June 7, 2017- Acumen Executive & Talent Search owner and founder, Suzanne Hanifin, was recently featured as a special guest in a Business Wellbeing podcast hosted by Nick Krajl, Tracy Vicario, and Roberto Flores. (Listen to full podcast here).

Tracy Vicario, Suzanne’s interviewer, asks several interesting questions concerning topics like company culture and employee retention. Both women agree that it is getting harder and harder to find and keep great talent in today’s world. It is important to understand what new employees are looking for in a job and how employers can make them feel valued.

One of Tracy’s first questions for Suzanne is how Acumen screens for a culture fit while recruiting. Suzanne replies that this is one of the most important things Acumen looks at. She says that at the executive level, she has never seen an employee leave because of money. The most common reason for leaving is that there is no longer a proper cultural fit. To ensure that her candidates align correctly with the goals and strategies of the company, Hanifin says that she does two main things. Firstly, she looks at similar companies and industries to learn their cultures. Secondly, she learns what the candidates themselves want in an employer and what their goals and passions are. By knowing their clients well and knowing what the candidates are looking for, Acumen ensures that the two cultures fit together perfectly.

Another main topic covered in this podcast surrounds the popular idea that you need to know someone to get a job. Although Suzanne agrees that networking is essential, she also gives new tips for getting a job. She tells Tracy that volunteering is a great way to get your name out into the world and show that you care about something greater than yourself. Employers love to see job candidates who set aside their time to serve others.

In addition to highlighting the importance of company culture and providing tips for getting a job, Suzanne also gives several insights to new industry trends. One of the recent trends Hanifin explains is the desire for people to make a difference and tangibly see how their day-to-day actions affect the bigger picture. The key to employee retention, she says, is making their voices heard, giving them opportunities to affect change, and making sure their goals and passions align with those of your organization. Another industry trend she has seen more recently is the increased ability to work from home. Although it seems like this would be a concept that takes away from culture, she says it does not. Even the freedom to work from home occasionally (not 100% of the time) provides the flexibility employees desire.

Suzanne and her team at Acumen Executive & Talent Search are optimistic and enthusiastic about the recruitment industry’s future and are looking forward to what lies ahead.

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