When a National FI Organization Wanted a CIO, Acumen Delivered More

CIO at laptop

The Situation

An Award-Winning National Mortgage Company was in need of a CIO, with solid leadership skills: able to manage, develop, and grow a talented team; have hard conversations when necessary; and able to streamline processes to allow the team to perform more efficiently. 

In addition, to being a strong leader, the organization required the right technical aptitude, the ability to partner with the CMO to drive marketing innovation, and lead core leading edge-product design. RPA experience was also highly desirable as was deep expertise in cyber security. 

The Approach

Following Acumen’s intakes with multiple stakeholders at all organizational levels, the assessment was made that a CIO / CTO / CISO combination would be most ideal but was not certain the individual existed with this unique skill set while also possessing specific mortgage / financial industry expertise. 

Following a quick turn: a 2.5-week national search that involved tapping trusted national networks, Acumen brought forth 4 strong candidates who all fit the ideal profile and skill set and a matter of days following candidate submission, an offer was made. 

The Result

The COO and hiring manager are delighted with the new CIO / CTO / CISO who has done a remarkable job of coalescing and developing the team in short order. 

“Ben is truly awesome. He fits in well with the whole organization and is doing a great job. He’s a strong leader of people and he’s brought together these distributed department heads and made them a team. 

Ben has a great subject matter expertise in the mortgage arena, he knows how to have hard conversations diplomatically, and he has earned the respect of the entire team. There has been zero attrition with Ben coming on board, which is unusual for a new leader.

Even those who we feared might leave have stayed because he’s skilled at building relationships and empowering people.

He’s done some restructuring and revised processes, so the team operates more efficiently, filled holes in the department, negotiated new contracts with service providers, started building a new website with the CMO, and saved over $1.25M in the process — all in the 6 months he’s been here. 

Ben recently went to Ecuador to represent the executive team and then on to a vacation in Europe with his wife. I am delighted he was able to go and that he finally has the work/life balance he’s been seeking. He’s done such a phenomenal job that we’ll be moving both project management and the business resource management teams underneath him (at his request). 

We have regular one-on-one meetings and enjoy a great partnership, as do the other members of the executive team.”

When Ben was asked about his new organization and working with Acumen, he stated “Working with Acumen through the process of interviewing all the way through being hired was amazing.  The open communication and attention to detail made the process flow easily and never left me wondering where we were at in the hiring process.  My new role as CIO at my new organization has been a great fit for me.  This is an amazing company that truly cares about their employees and gives back to the community.  I am truly grateful to have been matched to a position that fit so well and with a company that I believe in.”