How Investing in the Right Search Firm to Identify the Right Manager Leads to Longevity and Client Success

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“Mike is the best hire I have ever made” ~ Leonard F., President

The Situation

Our client, a company engaged in the design and manufacturing of portable instruments for agricultural and environmental research, had urgent need for a world-class Quality Assurance Manager. They had previously been employing students, who were used to lower salary requirements, with the hopes of molding them into long-term employees, but student retention was poor. With a high turnover rate and highly siloed departments, they realized they needed a seasoned professional with technical and strong managerial skills who could step in and hit the ground running.

Our client had worked with the team at Acumen in the past and knew that Acumen only presented qualified, high-caliber candidates with the right hard and soft skills. Valuing the relationship between the two organizations, they sought out Acumen to find the right candidate to fill this critical position.

The Result

Our client finally invested in a seasoned professional and that engineering manager, in turn, led to their success. “Mike understands his role and where it fits within the organization. He is a strong mentor and manager, with quiet patience. He has a highly technical staff and takes the time necessary to explain needs.  He is a top contributor to the organization.”

Mike, the new QA Manager, approves product builds and tests prototypes with a rigorous test process. The engineer writes instructions and Mike polishes and perfects them. Then it goes to production, and he oversees the multiple processes and stakeholder engagement required to introduce the new product. He is the hub between engineering, production, and customer service. If and when there is a hiccup and the new product bounces back from customer service and production, it goes back to Mike prior to engineering. Products are now going to market with fewer defects, which equates to happier customers and has elevated our client’s already stellar reputation.

As the President/CEO of this biotech company states: “Mike was the best hire I ever made.” He also underscored how hiring the right search firm with both biotech and technical expertise and connections made all the difference.