Our Approach

Acumen’s Proven Management Consultative Recruiting Process

Our proven 9-step methodology begins by understanding the culture and core value alignment between our client companies and candidates. We spend considerable time with key stakeholders learning about their unique culture, values, and requirements. With this mentality, we are not looking for hundreds of candidates, but that one candidate. Only then do we begin the recruitment and sourcing process utilizing both conventional and non-conventional methodologies, including our vast network and resources.

Acumen’s unique, customized search process points to our 99% fill rate. No employment website or staffing franchise can provide the level of customization we provide. We spend hours interviewing and assessing the right candidates for you. We will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly upfront so you know what to expect long before the work begins. Because we follow this process without exception, we tend to screen out versus interview in. What this means is that our clients receive the highest level of candidates that have both the skillsets required and the cultural fit needed to be successful.  

Acumen’s 9-Step Methodology

Our Customized Search Process Is People Focused,
Resulting In Our 99% Fill Rate For Executive and Managerial Positions. 

Needs Analysis and Culture Assessment

We develop a Needs Assessment specific to you and your business needs to document specific requirements, behavior traits, qualifications, and skills needed by the successful candidate. We also develop a Culture Assessment as we believe cultural fit is critical for a successful placement. From this we create a customized search specific to your company.

Industry Research and Team Profiling

We conduct Industry Research to ensure we are up to date on trends in the market and the competitive landscape. We also compile a Team Profile of current executives and key staff to ensure that the individuals involved in the process are aligned on the requirements of the position and the ideal candidate.

Acumen Sourcing – Push/Pull Methodology

Our sourcing and networking strategy focuses on actively seeking both active and passive candidates possessing the required qualifications for the position. We cast a wide net and leverage our experience and vast network of resources and relationships. We rely on traditional talent search methods along with cutting edge technology and proprietary software.

Brand Amplification

Acumen leverages social media and other methods to amplify the company’s brand and profile as a leader in the market, acting as an extension of your marketing, sales, and PR functions (may include photos on location, links to interesting content, white papers, etc.)

Prescreening / Interviews / Career Coaching

We initially review each potential candidate from a technical perspective, closely examining core competencies, professional employment history, and educational background to determine if they meet the requirements of the position. During this process, the candidate and the search professional will co-create a substantive bio. If the candidate is potentially a successful fit, they are then invited to attend an in-depth, behavioral interview with one of our search professionals. If needed, the candidate is provided career coaching to help to develop and state their unique value proposition. We can also help facilitate any additional testing your organization requires.

Presentation of Top Candidates

Top candidates are presented to the client with their resume and candidate profile, which will contain a summary of pertinent candidate qualifications as well as essential insights gained by the Talent Director during our extensive interview process.

Client Interviews / Reference Checks

Clients interview their top picks. We provide reference checks and credential verification. Background checks, including criminal, are conducted when applicable.

Offer Development / Negotiation

Acumen assists in putting together an offer for the top candidate and negotiating salary.

Hire / Follow-up

Our job is not over once a candidate is hired. Our 92.7% placement rate is due, in part, to our ongoing follow-up with both client and candidate. Our goal is to ensure a positive transition for months and years afterwards.