Push Past Discomfort to Build Confidence

Distrupt Oregon speakers

By Suzanne Hanifin

As a small business owner, I tend to get down into the weeds – driving sales, client management, accounting, office, and supporting my amazing team. I don’t usually go all out and do something that is so difficult like public speaking. I took the leap. When my friend, Tracy Vicario from HUB asked me to participate in 2022 Disrupt HR PDX, it sounded like a good chance to share some learnings and to network. But that was months prior to the talk. As it got closer and closer to date (and Acumen got busier and busier), I was coming up with so many excuses to NOT to do it. But I pushed through my nerves and did it!

According to Mike Nieto, ETC., another #DisruptHR speaker, it is important to make ourselves “uncomfortable” when in a safe environment. When we accomplish something and face our fears, our sense of pride grows and so does our confidence. Sharing knowledge and learning from others also helps us grow, pushing us to expand our skill set and gain new insights. Basically, making all of us better people and business leaders. I had confidence as a subject matter expert prior to this event, in our processes and in our methodologies, but now I have more confidence in myself. Ask yourself, “How can I push myself past my discomfort to build my confidence today?”

I want to thank everyone and particularly the other panelists who were supportive and helped calm my nerves. Here is to you! Katie C. KelleySerilda Summers-McGee, MBA, M.EdAmy Robinson, J.D., SPHR, SHRM-SCPNir MegnaziGina RileyAndrea Herron, MA, PHR, SHRM-CPMatt NewstromMike Nieto, ETC.Suzi Wear and Shari Dunn.”