Great News – Oregon’s Biosciences is growing

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Oregon Bioscience Association recently released a report on the bioscience boom in Oregon and its great news for the industry. Oregon biosciences is growing!

The Oregon and Clark County bioscience industry has seen strong growth during the COVID-19 pandemic; in fact, seeing it’s highest numbers in the past twenty years. With new money coming from the National Institutes of Health in the past three years, the industry grew by 36%. It has created more firms, jobs, and investments, showing itself to be mostly recession-proof.

Demand is showing no signs of slowing down, with the industry continuing to grow and becoming one of the fastest growing major industries in Oregon.

Acumen Executive Search is proud to be a supporter of many Oregon Biosciences organizations. We are happy to see the growth and excited for the future of the industry.  Read more at Oregon Bioscience Association’s website: Oregon’s Bio Boom: 2022 Economic Impact Report.