Onboarding v2

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  • Day One Inclusion Plan – quickly acclimating into the organization, understanding the norms, and meeting the goals, KPIs, and targets. Everything they need to know from Day One.
  • First Week Action Items
  • Relocation and Community Building

Onboarding plans can be offered as a one-time consultation, or in one, two, or three month packages.

A new employee’s success within the first 3 months of hire is critical for their happiness and indicative of how long they are likely to remain with the organization. A well-executed onboarding affirms the value of your new hire and all they bring to your team members. 75% of Executives who felt supported throughout the onboarding process remained in their jobs after one year. But studies show that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization excels at onboarding.

Over Acumen’s 16 years in executive placements, we have maintained an impressive candidate retention rate 3 times the national average. In partnership with our clients, we support and advise on best practices, ensuring the onboarding process builds longevity within the organization and works well for both new employees and the hiring company.

An Effective On-Boarding Process:

  • Allows your New Hires to jumpstart their role
  • Expedites norming to performing
  • Accelerates success of high-performing teams
  • Establishes the New Hire’s presence in the company
  • Provides culture coaching
  • Navigates the subtleties of company politics
  • Results in an almost seamless transition

We recognize that not all organizations have the processes and resources in place to take full advantage of the onboarding process to build a strong first connection with their new hires. Acumen’s Concierge Onboarding Service can help, augmenting existing services with hands-on support or the creation of a customized, easily managed process for your team.

Acumen provides change management support, consulting, and one-to-one new hire support. We additionally offer support services to candidates as they settle into their new workplace community, whether their job is in-person, remote, or part of a relocation. For candidates physically moving to a new city for their job, we can also assist in supporting the family as they adjust to their new home and community or commuting schedule.

Need help with more than one new hire? We can help you revise your onboarding procedures.