How Do You Position Your Company to Attract Top Leadership Talent?

Four professionals standing in office

The pandemic forced us to alter our focus to what is most important: namely family, human connection, good health, flexible work arrangements, and most importantly, the “why.”  Needs and criteria of top talent have changed dramatically.

Note per a recent Bloomberg News article:

At least some atop the corporate ladder seem to be paying attention. In a Jan. 12 PwC survey of 133 executives, fewer than one in five said they  want to go back to pre-pandemic routines. But only 13% were prepared to let go of the office for good.

After nearly 15 years of recruiting executive leadership in our local bioscience/biotech ecosystem, we at Acumen have seen a marked shift in candidate needs, who are now caring more about aligning themselves to a company’s mission/vision/values and being an active part of its success.  Being able to accurately assess and articulate your company’s culture as well as its mission, vision, and values is key in capturing the best leaders & employees. Note that mission is quite different from vision and it’s important to ensure all talent understands each and is aligned around both.

Top questions you need to ask yourself when attracting top level leaders:

  1. What is your organization’s unique value proposition? Why would someone leave their current position and join your organization?
  2. List the attributes and traits that describe your organization’s culture.
  3. Create a specific career path, reward system, work environment that reflect your culture and future goals.
  4. Identify what is in it for both parties — beyond just compensation ($).
  5. Are there specific growth opportunities, appealing compensation, and/or a win-win exit plan? 
  6. What is your competition doing and how will you differentiate?

Today Executives are reconsidering their futures. To attract them, you need to provide incentives, values-based engagement, and share a clear roadmap.