Company Reaches Crossroads and Contemplates Future

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“Having someone to openly share the true challenge helped create the solution. Instead of solving it for us, Acumen guided us. It had a profound effect. “ – Michelle H – CEO

An integrative healthcare provider’s Sales Director of a decade resigned during the company’s
strategic growth evaluation. Current partners were encouraging an organic expansion through its
established networks, but a strong and developing marketplace offered a plethora of new
channel opportunities. With aggressive competition creating a sense of urgency, leadership
realized the company was at a crossroads and in need of a fresh perspective. The executive team
that worked well together for years, and were usually on the same page, had different opinions
on tactical next steps.

The company called trusted partner Acumen, and the collaborative process began with a candid
conversation about confidentiality, transition, and leadership. It was critical that competition
know nothing of the impending changes. Next was guiding the CEO through a realization, and
then an evaluation of the impact an industry insider, versus an outsider would bring. The process
revealed that going against the grain would offer the unbiased assessment it needed. The chosen
candidate had a proven track record and confidence to ask the tough questions. Strong vision and
conviction was required to help take the company to the next level and the team was certain it
had made the right choice.

While the company’s core values and mission remain unchanged, its vision has evolved. By
being pushed out of its comfort zone, the team’s creative thinking yielded a new strategic
plan with innovative and exciting growth opportunities. The group is more empowered and
focused than ever, and executing its overhauled roadmap is creating unexpected synergy with
existing and new partners.

Company Reaches Crossroads and Contemplates Future
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