Building a Company Culture of Wellbeing

Stop burnout before it affects your office. Pandemic shutdowns, fears of a recession or layoffs, and inflation have been weighing on everyone lately. Many companies are adding to employees’ responsibilities to meet the increase in demands which can lead to burnout. Keep your team and yourself happy by incorporating some wellness practices in your organization.
1.      Engage employees at work – Employees prioritize feeling valued above pay when asked about top reasons they stay with a company. Set clear expectations for yourself and your team. Help members get the resources they need to perform their roles and remove any barriers to their success. Make sure you recognize the contributions of all team members and let them know you care about them and their wellbeing.
2.      Practice wellness in the workplace – Give employees time off (sick, vacation, and family leave) without the expectation of responding to emails, texts, or phone calls.
3.      Build a company culture that develops and challenges employees – Cultivate strengths and give team members projects they enjoy that will build skills. Give them ownership and celebrate accomplishments.
4.      Look for factors contributing to burnout and address them quickly.

Remember to check your own wellness while you are reviewing your team’s. As they say during the airplane safety check, “Put your oxygen mask on before assisting others.”