Acumen Resume Quick Tip

No doubt about it, recruiters and hiring managers are in a constant state of reviewing resumes.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of magnetizing their eyes to your resume so that it leaps from the figurative pile, is by adding a brief clarifying/marketing statement under each previous employer, especially if they are not immediately recognized. At the very least, it’s saving them time while making your uniqueness more discernable.

You know what your employers’ differentiators are in the market — but does everyone? This strategy saves your potential future employers from having to research each one, especially in markets where there tends to be a plethora of companies that are doing tremendous, innovative work, but fly under the radar due to factors such as size, stage, or funding.


Employer A

VC funded start-up at the intersection artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-speed power solutions.

Employer B

A leader in EPM software – landing in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis.

Or you might want to add metrics around revenue, number of employees, or work with large, recognizable brands.

Employer C

$50M manufacturing center to speed cell and gene therapy R&D. Served as Strategy and Operations Director leading distributed teams of 50+ throughout EU. Organization eventually forged partnerships with (Global Bioscience Leader #1), and (Global Bioscience Leader #2).

 Employer D

National Healthcare non-profit improving health outcomes through data and high-impact insights.

 Again, adding a brief marketing statement to help highlight your experience is a simple way to increase your unique value proposition and help you get noticed.

By Molly Norton